Immigration Case Studies

Sponsor licence granted for small-sized company in 10 working days.

Background of the case: The company is a small-sized education consulting company with only two full time employees. The company has been established for a long time and it is a stable and mature business. The business operation is relevantly small, and the company’s turnover is low (below the VAT threshold).

Chan Neill Solicitors assisted the company with accumulating the following information and documents to prove the stability of the company’s business: business model, business profile and various business activities. In addition to explaining why the company needs overseas employees for its business and justify the necessity of applying for a sponsorship licence.

Based on the client’s needs, expedited service was successfully approved (this service is limited to 10 applications per day) and the company was granted a licensed sponsor under the Skilled Worker Route in 10 working days.

Recently the UK has introduced Global Business Mobility routes and High Potential Talent visas to attract overseas talent. To retain these talents, UK companies are still required to have a valid sponsor licence to provide workers with a  work visa.


Tourist visa switched to Dependant visa in 2 working days

Background of the case: Mr Z and his spouse entered the UK as tourists in 2021. Due to the Covid restrictions, Mr Z could not return to his country. We assisted him in applying for an Exceptional Assurance (EA) extension before he must return to his country. An approved confirmation of EA was received with the validity date until July 2022 for Mr Z. In the meantime, we waited for his spouse to switch to a Skilled Worker visa to be granted as she was offered a position in the UK. After his spouse’s Skilled Worker visa was approved, Chan Neill Solicitors began to assist Mr Z’s to prepare for his Dependant as a Partner visa application.

Under the regulations and guidance from the Home Office, applicants are required to provide proof of address with their spouse for a period of two years as evidence that they living together. Mr Z were not able to provide the relevant documents for the past two years due to the following reasons first of all, they have not lived together for a long period of time, secondly previous accommodation documentations were not kept, lastly, they both entered the UK for a short period of time.

Since Mr Z were not able to fulfil the requirement of providing proof of address for the past two years. Alternatively, Chan Neill Solicitors advised Mr Z to compile the recent hotel reservations, travel confirmations and photos to be used as evidence showing they are living together and explained the reasons for Mr Z to apply for switch to a Dependant as a partner visa within the UK on the grounds of international travel restrictions. Mr Z attended his UK visa interview on a Friday and received the visa issuance email in two working days.

Typically, spouse visa or dependent visa applications requires several documentations as proof of relationship. Chan Neill Solicitors are able to advise and assist client’s based on their situation.

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