Why Choose Us



Employee diversityOur firm is truly international. Our staff comprises individuals fluent in various languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien, Shanghainese, French, Hungarian, German, Spanish, and Bengali.For qualified lawyers, we especially value relevant experience in one or more of our practice areas and strong employer references. we also take into account demonstrated academic ability such as class of honours.

Client diversityWe serve a huge range of clients, from international and state-owned corporations to high net worth individuals and small or medium-sized companies, with a client base spread across Europe and Asia.

Range and depth of experienceAs a full-service firm, many of our lawyers have had decades of experience across multiple disciplines. We believe that relationship-building facilitates learning, and are committed to mentorship and training.

Community and ConnectionsChan Neill Solicitors treasures its connections with and responsibility to the wider community. We encourage pro bono work, occasionally seconding our lawyers to charities or social enterprises. Our founding partners themselves are dedicated to various social causes, and CN frequently sponsors and participates in events throughout the City of London.