Private Client


Chan Neill Solicitors provides a full range of services for your personal needs, from drafting wills, arranging trusts, dealing with probate and probate litigation to all aspects of personal taxation and estate planning.
Our Private Client team understands that these areas of law can be confusing and complex. We break the concepts involved down into terms that everyone can understand, and ensure that our clients' wishes are carried out to the fullest extent possible, making certain that their assets are passed to their intended beneficiaries in a timely fashion. Our lawyers are able to assist and advise you in all areas, from the preparation of a basic will to more complex issues covering the need for trusts or estate planning.
We have found that our clients often find it challenging to plan for their future. Our Private Client team will help you through these sensitive issues by trying our utmost to understand your needs, desires and wishes in order to help manage your legal affairs. We strive to ensure we provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve from their lawyers.

Our services include:

  • Wills, Trusts and Probate
  • Personal Taxation and Estate Planning
  • Mental Capacity
  • Forgery, fraud and sham arrangements
  • Setting aside gifts
  • Cohabitation disputes
  • Residential Property and Estates
  • Power of Attorney


In the event that a person feels their financial position may be such that they can no longer meet their financial commitments, we advise clients on whether personal bankruptcy is a suitable option or whether alternative measures may be considered. Today, personal bankruptcy has less of a social stigma attached to it and, in some cases, can give a person the vision to start afresh.  It can however have disadvantages.  We explain these to clients so that they can reach a balanced decision on how they should deal and proceed with difficult financial issues.

For more information about our legal services please contact our team.