Debt Recovery


Chan Neill Solicitors debt recovery specialists provide a one stop solution for clients pursuing outstanding payments from debtors. Regardless of the amount of the debt, whether it is big or small, pursued from a corporate entity or from an individual, our solicitors and team of specialists not only speak English, they can converse in one of the following languages: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our solicitors multiple language skills can be invaluable to clients who instruct us when they try to explain the issues. The ultimate objective is to achieve the highest recovery rates and best possible outcome for our clients.
The first step when instructed to recover a debt is for our solicitors to understand what the debt refers to, the amount that is owed and review documented evidence of what is owed. Our solicitors will quickly assess evidence and advise clients if recovery is realistic and then proceed to pursue this debt on a clients behalf.
We are delighted to confirm we have successfully assisted thousands of clients to recover debts which range from modest sums in the thousand of pounds to multi-million pound debts owed in the UK and also where necessary recover against assets held worldwide by the debtors.
Our solicitors deal with:
Pre litigation debt recovery, formal debt recovery through court action. Negotiate and arrange re-payment plans and/or negotiate compromise agreements. Securing enforcement of judgement debt orders and ultimately seizure of debtors assets if the debtor refuses to cooperate.
Whilst we pursue debts, our specialists are happy to also advise potential debtors who believe they have a good explanation for not owing debts and may have good cause to defend a claim brought against them. Litigation being always a two way process
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