We put our clients first - Our CN work ethos

1. We do not mind working extra hours and going the extra leap for our clients!


Chan Neill Solicitors are always working hard to keep clients informed, reassured and happy. We want to achieve the best results for our client We have a wealth of experience in working with clients globally and always go the extra mile for them because that's what makes them remember us. We try to be responsive and reachable during weekends and evenings wherever possible for our clients.


2. Explanation of the legal process in simple terms and ensuring our clients understand, regardless of their background, culture or language.


Our UK legal system can seem very complex to far east clients. In China, for example, clients often inform us the Chinese legal framework when purchasing a property in China is extremely straightforward and easy to understand. Our lawyers at Chan Neill are able to converse fully with our Far East clients which makes the UK legal process much easier for far east clients who do not write or may speak limited English, give a better understanding and reassurance of what they are investing in.


3. Always responsive- we are always a phone call away!

Communication is vital with our clients on a continuous basis. At Chan Neill Solicitors, we communicate with our clients often on an hourly basis to keep them updated throughout the legal process.


4. Emails and social media platform

At Chan Neill, our solicitors and staff not only communicate via the traditional methods of email and the postal service, we also use messaging services such as Whatsapp, Wechat and Line, which have become an important role when communicating with our clients today.


5. Be the 'go-to person'- Chan Neill Solicitors, we are your law firm that specialises in a wide range of areas.

At Chan Neill, we have lawyers that specialise in a range of areas, from commercial litigation, property conveyancing, insurance, personal injury to immigration, visa services, gaming, tech, and family law. We are a full service law firm. Our motto is to provide excellent service to our clients no matter how big or small the requirement.


6. Diversified

At Chan Neill from senior partners to junior staff, we understand that cultural differences can affect the way we work and communicate together. We respect our clients' cultural differences and always work hard to understand and overcome these.

Hate Crime

As a multi-cultural law firm, we strive to be a bastion of support to clients who have been victims of hate crime.

Hate crime is a crime, typically one involving violence, that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds. 

In February 2021, our senior partner Mr Michael Chan was interviewed by Mr. Chen Shirong (a former BBC reporter) and a few key pieces of advice were given during this interview to help anyone who is in fear of being a victim or is a victim of hate crime. 

  1. Report any incident to police as soon as practicable after the hate crime has happened to you;
  2. Go to hospital A&E if you have suffered a physical assault;
  3. record, if possible, everything he/she did to you;
  4. obtain any witness contact details as they may be useful to any police enquiry should it be likely you have been a victim of hate crime or racial abuse;
  5. contact a solicitor or help group to discuss what happened to you. As a victim of crime, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries caused by physical violence. 

Since the Covid pandemic began in January 2020, we have seen hate crime and racist remarks against Chinese and South East Asians increase significantly. 

Please do not think people do not care and if you are alone in this country, there are many support groups around the country like The Samaritans that will always try to help any person. Don’t allow “racism” or “hate crime” to destroy your life. If you are unsure of what has happened or is happening to you, contact ourselves on 020 7253 7781 or email us at chinadesk@cnsolicitors.com to see if we can offer any initial advice or guidance.