Tourist Visa change to Skilled Worker visa

Background of the case: The applicant entered the UK as a tourist in 2021. Due to the Covid restrictions, she could not return to her country. We assisted her in applying for an Exceptional Assurance (EA) extension before she must return to her country. An approved confirmation of EA was received with the validity date until May 2022.


The applicant was offered a position in the UK whilst she was waiting for her EA.


Under the regulations and guidance from the Home Office , anyone comes to the UK as a visitor, one can not switch visitor’s visa to a Skilled Worker Visa within the UK. The applicant must return to his or her original country to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa. If our applicant has returned to her original country, she would not be able to work for three to four months, however, her future employer wouldn’t be able to hold up the position for three to four months.


Chan Neill Solicitors assisted the applicant in booking English tests with different exam providers and got the English test results much faster than normal.


Whilst the applicant was preparing for the exams and waiting for the results, Chan Neill Solicitors completed the Sponsor’s Licence application for the employer, as well as prepared the client’s documents for the Skilled Worker Visa. In the application, we provided supporting documents showing the reasons that the applicant needed to switch tourist visa to the Skilled Worker Visa in the UK.

The Skilled Work visa application was submitted on 14th March and a super priority service for the applicant was selected (although the priority and super priority visa service were temporarily suspended by the Home Office during the time). The application was approved within three hours after the biometric information was collected on 22nd March.

We subsequently applied for the applicant's family dependant visa. The applicant's spouse and child got their visas in one week.

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