UK Naturalisation & Registration


There are many ways to become a British Citizen under the British Nationality Act 1981. Some can qualify immediately for a British passport, while others must undergo a registration or naturalisation process before applying for their first British passport.

If you were not born in the UK, the most common way to qualify for British Citizen is through naturalisation. To qualify, you must be free of immigration restrictions, meet the residence requirements, be a person of a good character and must have the intention of making the UK your main home. You also need to comply with English language requirements and demonstrate knowledge of life in the UK.

Registration is the only way for a child under 18 years of age to become a British Citizen. There are many ways to qualify for Registration. You should seek legal advice on your eligibility before applying.

Our Immigration team would be happy to assist you and/or your children with your nationality or registration enquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our Immigration advisers or lawyers for assistance and legal advice.

*Please note that requirements may vary from case to case based on the nuances of your situation, and the information on this page is not intended to replace legal advice.