Corporate Migration UK


Many UK-based organisations rely heavily on work visas for employing foreign staff. Any company seeking to employ EEA or non-EEA national workers must have a valid Sponsorship Licence. In the light of high demand for Skilled Worker and Intra-Company visas and increased scrutiny from the Home Office, our team of experienced immigration advisers and lawyers offer a range of services to support UK-based companies in their sponsorship and retention of migrant workers whilst minimising the risk of non-compliance with constantly-changing Immigration Laws.

Our services include assistance with:

  • Obtaining and managing the Sponsorship License
  • Requesting and assigning Certificates of Sponsorship
  • Conducting the Resident Labour Market Test (if applicable)
  • Human Resource strategy
  • Maintaining employees’ right to work in the UK and preventing working illegally
  • Preparation and submission of visa applications to the Home Office
  • Sponsorship License extension applications
  • Preparation for the Home Office compliance visit

Should you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Please note that the requirements may vary from case to case based on the nuances of a situation. The information on this page is not intended to replace legal advice.