Why does my BRP card expire on 31 December 2024?

For many years now, successful Indefinite Leave to Remain applicants in the United Kingdom have been issued with Biometric Residence Permits (commonly known as BRP cards) with the validity date as 31 December 2024. It has also been observed that nowadays, those applicants, who are being granted limited leave to remain for a period beyond this date, are also being issued with BRP cards which are due to expire on 31 December 2024. Why the Home Office issues BRP cards with this set date?

It has been explained by the Home Office that in the past, under EU law, it was a requirement to restrict the validity of BRP cards which do not incorporate the latest encryption technology. The Home Office vowed to introduce BRP cards in new format this year which will reflect the exact period of grant as confirmed in the approval later. So far, this has not been the case.

According to the information currently available on GOV.UK website: “You do not need to tell UKVI if your BRP expires on 31 December 2024 but you have leave to stay longer. UKVI will update their information on how to update your BRP in early 2024. You do not need to do anything and your immigration status will not be affected.”

In the meantime, BRP card holders can check and prove their immigration status using the online service: www.gov.uk/prove-right-to-work. As an alternative, employers can obtain evidence of their employees’ immigration status in the UK online: https://www.gov.uk/view-right-to-work.

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