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Chan Neill Solicitors has established a reputation for providing practical insurance litigation advice for UK and foreign-based insurers.  


We appreciate economic solutions are required for insurers, policyholders and brokers. Our Litigation Team is able to provide exceptional solutions from the simple recovery of insurer’s outlay, policy disputes, and declaration proceedings to dealing with third-party claims from small to multi-track matters.  


We pride ourselves in being able to build strong working relationships with our clients within the insurance, loss adjusting and broker sectors and where necessary, we undertake training of their claims team. We offer tailored seminars and workshops to our clients’ specific requirements, which in turn allows us to identify the ethos and objectives of our clients. 


Our proactive, dedicated approach saves our clients substantial amounts each year in relation to damages and legal costs. We take a tough line in defending claims and recovering costs and are able to advise our clients on strategies to deter and identify fraudulent claims.  These can include staged or “crash for cash” accidents and low-velocity collisions, as well as the old-fashioned exaggerated claims.  


We also work exceptionally closely with a network of investigators, who are specialists in investigating and seeking out potentially fraudulent claims. We believe our investigators are among the best in the country in identifying and profiling claimants or groups that are often involved in these types of incidents.  


Amongst others, our expertise lies in the following areas: 

  • Investigation of fraudulent claims; 

  • Policy disputes; 

  • Recovery on a 'no win no fee' basis; 

  • Pre action discovery/inspection applications; 

  • Costs issues, including arguments on CFAs and After the Event Insurance;  

  • HSE prosecutions; 

  • Pre-issue advice on quantum or liability for Part 36 purposes; 

  • M.I.B issues; 

  • Part 8 matters, including infant approval; 

  • Magistrates representation on motor offences; 

  • Fixed fee claims handling;

  • Credit Hire and Credit Repair;

  • Inquests; and

  • Fire and Flood liability and investigation of indemnity.

For more information about insurance litigation legal services please contact our team.

Meet The Team

Michael Chan

Senior Partner

Andy Neill

Managing Partner

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