In times of crisis, you want a steady hand at the wheel. 


Chan Neill's litigation team prioritises resolving disputes once and for all in the least stressful, and costly, way possible. Our primary aim is to help our clients resolve their disputes outside of court. Should litigation be unavoidable, we take on the burden of court proceedings, leaving you and your key team players to remain focused on your day-to-day business and personal objectives.


Our Litigation Team will ensure effective case management by: 


  • Investigating your position and advising whether litigation is your best option; 

  • Assessing and advising on damage limitation pre and post issue;  

  • Initiating a claim and advising you on the most tactical option to achieve the desired results;  

  • Preparing a defence and establishing the weakness or validity of a claim; 

  • Preparing all court documentation including claim forms, particulars of claim; defences, counterclaims, applications, Court orders, witness statements disclosure and Court bundles; 

  • Attending alternative dispute resolution and mediation if required; 

  • Negotiating settlement; and 

  • Instructing the most appropriate Counsel specific to your needs and requirements. 

For more information about commercial litigation law services please contact our team.

Here are some practical examples of how our clients use Chan Neill Solicitors day to day.

Meet the Team

Michael Chan
Michael Chan
Senior Partner 
John Clementson
John Clementson
Senior Consultant

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